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New build projects


Because the paintwork on your ship is in many cases the second stage in the building process, it is also one of the most decisive one. Therefore we give it enough attention and take it very seriously.

We give you expert advice and can offer you a wide range of color samples. We like to do this at an early stage of construction, so there is also the time to make the right choice.

Once the choice is made in the color and the ship is in our workshop, the work begins. Sanding and filling will initially be the base activities.

These two disciplines are of course very important before we spray on the final topcoat. You can, in consultation, always follow the entire process before you ship, so that your ship leaves our workshop perfectly.

Nooitgedagt Yacht Painting generally has a fast turnaround time for all projects. On our projects page you can read about the ongoing and completed projects.