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Yacht paints at Nooitgedagt Yachtpaining

Lacquers and paints not only result in a nice appearance of your boat or yacht, but these also offer necessary protection against all weather conditions like sun, sea, water and wind. Water and humidity are the biggests threats to your boat. From that, osmosis as a result of damage to the gelcoat of polyester boats and corrosion as a result of damage to the layers of paint and lacquer of metal boats can occur. Also, UV-radation has a negative effect on all parts of your boat that are subjected to sunlight. For a coating, paint or lacquer to be protective and shiny, lacquers and paints should be chosen and applied professionally. We offer all sorts of professional yacht painting activities to put your new boat or yacht in top condition, or to keep your boat that way by pre-emptive maintenance.

Below you find an overview (including short descriptions) of yacht paints (or coatings) which we use to our satisfaction and in which we have fully confidence. When chosing one of these yacht paints (or coatings) you can be assured of an high quality coating for your boat or yacht.


 ALEXSEAL at your yacht painter Nooitgedagt Yachtpainting
ALEXSEAL Yacht Coatings offers a complete system of paint products to create the most advanced topcoats. This is a result of research and development for more than 100 years. ALEXSEAL represents the best combination of appearance, durability and repairability of today's yacht coating industry. The advanced formula that they use for their topcoats results in coatings that are solid, durable and easy to repair. Moreover, the appearance of these topcoatings is hard-to-match for competitors: the glosss and the color stability values of these coatings are execeptional.

ALEXSEAL offers coatings for both interior as exterior. Their coatings are made from high performing materials. These materials are resistent to UV-radiation, salt water, abrasion and fuel amongst other things. Besides that, the characteristcs of these materials ensure a reduction of cleaning and maintenance and a stability of gloss and color. For a coating that endures the harsh marine environment while at the same time stands out concering appearance ALEXSEAL is a good choice.


  AWLGRIP at your yacht painter Nooitgedagt Yachtpainting  

AWLGRIP is a world widly known and used brand of paint products and finishing systems for painting and spraying boats and yachts. The AWLGRIP coatings and lacquers are leadingly in the yachts brance: many yacht buiders, experts and shipyards have been using AWLGRIPS's paint products and finishing systems satisfactory for years and know that they get top quality when they use AWLGRIP. AWLGRIP's reputation as a standard in today's yacht industry has been built upon consistent technical innovation, stringent quality controls and the superlative finish of their products.

AWLGRIP offers a complete system of coatings to protect your boat or yacht against all harsh marine conditions: from materials for surface preparation to the finishing using a topcoat. The durability, consistency and the unmistakeable gloss of the AWLGRIP topcoats are second to none. The coatings are exceptionally resistant to sun, salt water, chemicals and abrasion, and this makes the AWLGRIP products ideal for coating virtually everything: from the topside, cabin top, deck and mast to the engine. All in all, AWLGRIP is a good choice for a high quality coating that can be applied widely.   

International Paint

 International Paint at your yacht painter Nooitgedagt Yachtpainting
International Paint is part of the division Marine & Protective Coatings of Akzo Nobel. It is one of world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of high performance lacquers, paints and coatings for motor boats, sailing boats and yachts. International Paint's objective is to protect, beautify and improve performance of all types of boats with its painting solutions. For that, International Paint focuses itself on research and development continuously, and this ensures that they supply products and services that satisfy the highest standards by means of a constant process of improvement.

International Paint wants to guarantuee perfect results with its quality products and services. Many users of International Paint have believe in that: It is not nothing that the products of International Paint are present at leading wholesalers, shipyards and points of sales.

The brand International Painthas become synonymous with the highest standard of care of your boat or yacht. With International Paint you can be assured of high performance yacht coatings for under and above the water line, and thus you get value for money.

Do you have (specific) questions about one of the paints or coatings? If so, please contact your yacht painter from Friesland.